Treatment for Eating Disorders

Eating disorders are very complex and dangerous for physical and mental health. EatinimagesCAS10RKQ.jpgg disorder is generally marked by extremes. A person who is suffered from eating disorder may eat smaller or larger amount of food but later on this habit is out of control and create several problems and disorders that we can identify by following description of each:

Anorexia Nervosa

This is a Greek term that means lack or appetite. Actually it is an obsesimagesCA55P988.jpgsive fear to weight gain and is determined by low body weight and body image distortion.

Bulimia Nervosa

In this type of eating disorder a person eat large amount of food in very short period of time and  throwing up It is often called just Bulimia.

Binge Eating

This eating disorder is characterized by uncontrolled, impulsive and continuous eating. The person having this disorder doesnít feel that he/she has eaten to his/her fill.

Anorexia Athletica

This is another type of eating disorder and a person does not feel any physiimagesCAP9FS7O.jpgcal activities and exercise but feels obligated to do so.

Over Exercise

In this type of eating disorder a person just thinks about doing exercises and physical activities. And does so to excess, compulsively and obsessionally

Over Eating

This type of eating disorder is common and is most common. A person just thinks about eating regardless of whether the amount eaten is good or bad for him/her.


It is also a very common eating disorder Which can be undertaken obsessionally and over long periods of time.

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