Insecurity Counselling

Insecurity is defined as:

  • Feeling of not being "good enough" to meet the challenge of a situation you face in life.
  • Sense of helplessness in the face of problems, conflict or concerns. imagesCAJR3CPA.jpg
  • Belief that one is inadequate or incompetent to handle life's challenges.
  • Fear of being discovered as inadequate, ill-fitted or unsuited to meet responsibilities at home, school or on the job.
  • Sense of not fitting in, being "out of sync" with those in your peer group.
  • Perception that life is unpredictable with most of the expectations you have to meet not clearly understood.
  • Sense of always climbing up a mountain, never being able to reach the top.
  • Sense of lacking support or reinforcement where you live, work or play.
  • Results from a sense of being unaccepted, disapproved or rejected.
  • Inner turmoil coming from a lack of direction or bewilderment as to where you are going, what your goals are and what responses are appropriate for events in life.

Insecurity is a feelingof general unease or nervousness that may be triggered by perceiving of oneself to be vulnerable in some way, or a sense of vulnerability or instability which threatens one's self image or ego.

AimagesCA41CFLI.jpg person who is insecure lacks confidence in their own value, and one or more of their capabilities, lacks trust in themselves or others, or has fears that a present positive state is temporary, and will let them down and cause them loss or distress by "going wrong" in the future. This is a common trait, which only differs in degree between people.

This is not to be confused with humility, which involves recognizing one's shortcomings but still maintaining a healthy dose of self-confidence. Insecurity is not an objective evaluation of one's ability but an interpretation, as two people with the same capabilities may have entirely different levels of insecurity.

Insecurity may help to cause shyness, paranoia and social withdrawal, or alternatively it may encourage compensatory behaviors such arrogance, aggression, or bullying, in some cases.
The fact that the majority of human beings are emotionally vulnerable, and have the capacity to be hurt, implies that emotional insecurity could merely be a difference in awareness.

Insecurity has many effects in a person's life. There are several levels of it. It nearly always causes some degree of isolation as a typically insecure person withdraws from people to some extent. The greater the insecurity, the higher the degree of isolation becomes. Insecurity is often rooted in a person's childhood years. imagesCA988VSP.jpgLike offense and bitterness, it grows in layered fashion, often becoming an immobilizing force that sets a limiting factor in the person's life. Insecurity robs by degrees; the degree to which it is entrenched equals the degree of power it has in the person's life. As insecurity can be distressing and feel threatening to the psychi, it can often be accompanied by a controlling personality type or avoidence as psychological defence mechanisms.

Through counselling, insecurity can be overcome. We can help you do it. It takes time, patience and a gradual realization that one's own worth is purely a matter of perspective (or subjective opinion) of oneself.

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