What Is SimagesCA5PK9BU.jpgelf-confidence?

Self-confidence is the belief that you can handle a certain situation correctly. Self-confidence is knowing that you don't lack any of the necessary skills in order to successfully complete a task. This task could vary from a social activity like being able to approach someone you don't know, to a professional activity like the ability to complete a certain task that your work or your business needs.
Where Does Self-confidence Come From?

Confidence issues could result in you missing a lot of available opportunities because you will be afraid to take the risk of trying something that you aren't sure you can handle.

The following are some facts about self-confidence:

  • Self confidence is never inherited, it's learned. The belief that you lack the confidence genes is just a popular myth
  • Self confidence is not a general trait but instead you have different confidenimagesCAXJ2B4T.jpgce issues for all the different activities you do. For example, you may be confident about your ability to drive a car but at the same time dread public speaking.
  • Self Confidence is not constant with time; it may change to the better or worse because of the new events that happen in your life.
  • Self confidence may be independent of external factors, like being rich or having someone who loves you back.

Our confidence counselling service could help you be more confident through the assisting you to elimination your dependency upon the opinion of others. If you don't really have a solid knowledge of your abilities and of who you are then you will most likely be depending on others to tell you who you are.

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